11 Best and Free Evite Alternative

11 Best Evite Alternatives Free & Effective you must Try in 2019

Hey buddies, Our article for today is about Best Evite alternatives online. Here we are going to share some of the useful information about the Evite Alternatives. It will be useful for all online users to invite people in an easy way. Recently, I have planned for my birthday party, so I invited all my friends through Evite. Totally, I was very pleased with the experience. Read the article completely, it will be very useful and helpful to you.

Evite Alternatives

What is Evite Alternatives?

Evite is one of the best ways to send event invitations through an online platform. It is a process of creating, modifying, managing, and sending invitations to friends, relatives, and other people. In the year 1998, it was started. It was founded by Al Lieb and Selina Tobaccowala.

Evite supports free advertisement service for users, Firstly you have to create an invitation card. After creating an invitation card user just need to enter the email address of the guest person. Evite sends the invitation cards to the person through email. Most Importantly, you can create your own invitation card whatever the style you like. Not only it will be helpful for creating and sending invitations but also it provides party ideas to the users.

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11 Best and Free Evite Alternative
11 Best and Free Evite Alternative

Below are some of the best Evite alternatives sites.


Evite Alternatives
  • Pingg is the one the most famous and best alternative using in the online platform for Evite.
  • You can send as well as create and make the best invitation card through this site.
  • The host can send invitation cards up to 75 persons. MeanWhile, using free service the sites provides advertisements to the e-cards.
  • The thing which I most like about the ping is you can able to choose the invitation cards depends on the type of the occasion. It provides the invitation card for every single event.



Evite Alternatives
  • Anyvite is one of the most popular Evite site used by people.
  • It is an invitation creator and e-cards invitation sending platform in online.
  • You can send an invitation through this site in both emails as well as SMS.
  • Through Anyvite you can sell tickets and also you can create invitations and sell through others and earn money.
  • Also, you can able to see the guest response through this site and also know who accepted your invitation.



Evite Alternatives
  • Punchbowl is another one best alternative site to Evite. It is an online design maker.
  • During the year 2006, it was founded. You can able to send up to 100 invitation for a single event. Similarly, the user can send digital cards to 10 recipients.
  • It gives a perfect solution for all your worries in invitation card creation and also it will guide you from start to end in step by step.
  • One of the more impressive thing about punchbowl is user-friendly to host.
  • It guides the user by giving party ideas and also explain every single question about the event.
  • Punchbowl provides better tools for making the e-cards for all occasions.



Evite Alternatives
  • Purpletrail is an event creator and event management platform. It provides a solution for every single, like a birthday party or wedding or holiday events.
  • You can customize every single aspect in this site and also add whatever you like. Likewise, you can add your own message, embellishment, collage photos etc…
  • There are more than 5000 designs of cards present in this Evite.
  • One of the most attractive thing about this site is there are no crappy advertisements. you can browse the site without having a single advertisement.
  • In Conventional styles, you can send the card through this Evite by paid service.

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Paperless Post:

Evite Alternatives
  • Paperless Post is a sending invitation card digitally and also you can create custom cards and invitation cards.
  • It was founded in the year 2009, It was started by a NewYork based company.
  • While using free service you can send up to 2,000 email addresses. By using free version host can invite 500 guests and by paid version can invite up to 15,000 people.
  • Likewise, By using Flyer product the user can share the events in social media, email, and SMS.
  • It provides multiple options to the user. You can edit the cards, choosing the template, and can enter the text accordingly.
  • Moreover, You can able to see the response from the person by tracking the invites and also send messages both in private and public.
  • Rescheduling the event option also present in this site. Through this Evite you can able to print the card and ship to the guests.

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Smile Box:

Evite Alternatives
  • Smile box is the popular invitation cards editing sites used in all over the world. Through smile box, you can create greeting cards, e-cards, collage maker.
  • Smile box is unique from other Evite, provides you create slideshows and also allows the user to make musical addition and animation in the invitation cards.
  • It is owned by the company Perion Network Ltd.
  • It provides a different variety of beautiful template. From that, you can choose whatever you like and customize it.
  • Through Smile box, User can make slideshows, Scrapbooks, and Albums. You can able to customize and make Valentine cards to your loved ones in an attractive manner.



Evite Alternatives
  • Manvite is another one best Evite alternatives. From this, similar to other Evite you can edit and create invitation cards through an online platform.
  • But it is used for the invitation service just for men. If you are planning to conduct a bachelor’s party or any sports event Manvite is the better choice for men to invite.
  • The site consists of attractive flowery fonts and alcoholic beverages fonts.



Evite Alternatives
  • Sendomatic is the famous customizable Evite alternatives used in online. You can able to customize 100% through this site.
  • You can also choose the templates depends on the occasion. Can send the cards through social media facebook also.
  • After editing the e-card, By exporting all your information you can store it in the excel file.
  • It provides the reminder option from that, you can send the reminder message to your guests and also remind yourself by syncing the event with google calendar, Ical, yahoo etc.
  • Sendomatic have some special features like an online response, ticket selling, video embed, polling.



Evite Alternatives
  • Shindigg is similar to all the above Evite alternatives. Through this site, the user can have only limited design templates while using the free version.
  • By using Shindigg you can able to edit the cards and also add text, animation, photo. The host can sell tickets and collect money from this Evite.



Evite Alternatives
  • Zoji is one of the simplest Evite sites. Before going into the online you can plan activities through offline by using Zoji caters tools.
  • This Evite is famous for events like school get together. It is mostly used by work friends and relatives.
  • Easy steps to create cards through Zoji. Firstly, go to the site – then pick a beautiful template whatever you like – enter the information about the event – adding attendees and you are done. you can send the card within a few minutes through this site.



Evite Alternatives
  • Psprint is similar to Zoji you can make the cards in a very simple way. If you are in a hurry to send e-cards means, PsPrint is the best choice for you.
  • It also provides the good design of templates and you can track the response through this site also.



In this modern era, everyone is too busy with their work. It is even hard to spend some quality time with our beloved ones. Everyone is running out of time and having a busy schedule. We are having various functions and ceremonies. We are ready to spend even millions for a function. But finding it difficult to invite our neighbours, friends, and relatives in person. So these online invitations are one of the best alternatives to invite our friends and relatives. Try this to save your time and suggest this to your friends. you may like ismartviewpro

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