Amazfit bip

Amazfit bip-best android smartwatch under 5000 rupees up to 45 days battery life

Best Android Smartwatch Under 5000

best android smartwatch under 5000
amazfit bip

The best Android smartwatch under 5000: Hi friends, today we going to review  here we already know Amazfit pace watch which is the good and satisfied product before getting through this let me clear different between the android smartwatch and fitness band

Smartwatch run with specific OS ( Android, IOS) where we can enable apps accordingly, fitness band calculating our footsteps, heartbeat even we can see time, both are like a crossover.

I’m going to review Amazfit Bip smartwatch it is base code is android were you cant add apps nor play store, it in between android smartwatch and fitness band though we can fix it as the smart band

Amazfit Bip usage

Here it has lot more futures let me explain everything in details best android smartwatch under 5000 you can use as watch and fitness band to monitoring your physical activities, sleep tracking, call notifications.

Amazfit bip the best smartwatch under 5000 it can show notifications from your smartwatch as every smartphone does, it has barometer and accelerometer sensor as well

The battery at best with just 190mah with outstanding battery life. The watch can last 45 days at ordinary usages with a brightness of 10 percentage.

Its equipped with IP68 standard with thoroughly water resistance, you can take over rain even in swimming pool up to 30 meters, and the display has 176 x 176 pixels which display with the low power module.

Amazfit support for monitoring following activity with GPS has fixed you can calculate your jogging and cycling kilometres by synchronizing with your android smartphone

it has a heart rate sensor and GPS and GLONASS module with Bluetooth 4.0 which you can connect to your smartphone

you can connect to Android 4.4 + then iPhone 8 plus with Bluetooth connectivity

best android smartwatch under 5000
Amazfit bip-the best smartwatch under 5000


Technical wording list:

Weight: Body 18g, with Strap 32g
Screen type: Transflective colour display
Material: 2.5D Corning gorilla glass 3rd generation + AF coating
Screen Size: 1.28 inches
Waterproof and Dustproof: IP68 Rating *2
Strap : Length 11 + 8.5cm / width: 20mm
Processor: MediaTek
Sensors: PPG heart rate sensor, a triaxial acceleration sensor, a geomagnetic sensor, barometric pressure sensor
GPS : GPS + GLONASS dual-mode positioning
Connection: Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
Battery: 190mAh lithium polymer
Charging time: 2.5 hours
Battery Life: 45 Days (time display, motion monitoring, sleep monitoring) – GPS continuous track record: 22 hours (time display, motion monitoring, sleep monitoring) GPS continuous use: 22 hours *1
Body material: Polycarbonate
Compatibility: Android 4.4, iOS 8 and above


How do I view my activity and sleep data?

Users can view recorded sports activities through the watch and Strava. Step and sleep data (current day and current week only) is also available through the watch face.

Can I listen to music on the smartwatch?
Yes. Users can transfer music files directly to the Pace running smartwatch.

Can I connect to Bluetooth headphones?
Yes. You can find steps here.
Which third party integration does the app support? Strava. Users can sync walking, running, and cycling data through Strava.

Does Pace have GPS?

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