Cloneit For Pc: Download For (windows 7/8/10) 2019

Before a decade whenever we think about the file sharing between the computer and mobile only one thinks comes to our mind that is the USB cable. The main drawback is the tenacity of USB flash drives may also be their weakness when compared to cloneit.

Because the drives are designed to be as small as possible to assist portability, it also means that they are much easier to lose the data while transferring. The model of the drive normally involves the use of a retractable USB plug which is likely to wear and tear or bending of the soft metal, in which the case the device becomes totally useless.

we won’t carry the USB cable often in our hand which makes us transferring the files pretty hard. But don’t hesitate we do have a Clone application that makes the transferring files quite simple.


  1. What is cloneit?
  2. How clone is used of PC or laptop?
  3. Steps to download in mobile?
  4. Steps to download in PC?
  5. Finale summary.

What is cloneit?

cloneit for pc

Cloneit is an application that used to transfer 12 types of mobile data(contacts, messages, call logs, applications, pictures, videos, music, calendar, browser bookmarks) from one phone to another phone in two easy steps, without the need for a cable. We can also use this application to transfer between mobile and computer.

The application is quite simple with a well- crafted. Data Transfer speed really impressive and a bit disappointing is a frequent advertisement that makes the users a little bit annoying after installing on both devices, we can use the receiver and the sender option. Then, select the desired files (games, images videos applications) and thus start the transfer process. This application is user-friendly so everyone can use it. Do you hear about Get free Netflix Account here

How Cloneit is used of a PC or laptop?

cloneit for pc

  • Cloneit for pc makes uses WIFI technology in a laptop whose bandwidth is high when compared to Bluetooth. this makes the application in the top Noche position
  • We can transfer files speed is up to 20M/s, which is 200 times faster than Bluetooth/cable
  • Data sharing in cloneit is the offline process. Therefore the personal profile won’t be saved in any network. So there is no leakage of data
  • Cloneit is the Professional data transfer tool which supports more than 40+ languages that make the software easy to access anywhere in the world
  • The application is quite simple and easy to use.
  • The application is free of cost that is available in the store or we can download APK files in reputed sites.

Steps to download on mobile?

cloneit for pc

Hope that you are using android version of the smartphone, and make sure that we have sufficient space for below application

Step 3.1– Open play store

Step3.2– Search Cloneit application and click install or click here

Steps to Download In Pc or Laptop

 There is no Cloneit software for PC, we need emulator which acts as a bridge between mobile and computer. There are many emulators but we suggest you Bluestacks emulator or click here to download Bluestacks emulator(The BlueStacks application designed to enable Android applications to run smoothly on PCs running Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 and Apple’sMacc OS.)

cloneit for pc

Step4.1 After downloading Bluestacks, complete the installation process and launch Bluestacks emulator from your Desktop.

Step4.2 Then You need to login to Google Play Store with your Gmail account details. Use your existing Google account or create a new account if you don’t have one.

Step4.3 Now, go to search bar and enter Cloneit in playstore. There will be some recommended results will be shown below the screen

Step4.4 Then select the application and click the install button download it from here download takes some time to be patient don’t close it. Once the application is installed successfully you can the see it in Bluestacks homepage

Step4.5 Now you can share the data by using the sender and receiver button

Click here to know about How to Root Bluestack

Finale summary

Even though it is the lengthy process, but after the completion, it has the significance usage. It the past when we would use the USB cable to shift all the memory card data to PC first and then again to the new smartphone.  During this hectic job, there is more chance a lot of your time and data. For instance, we unable to transfer contacts and other stuff like important messages.

We recommend you to switch off the mobile data during the transferring process if not we may get some pop-up texts to turn off the mobile data.

But With the help of Cloneit, we could move all your data at once without any delay, or obstruction. The important benefit is a time which makes us save during this process.

There are few important points which you should remember. Smartphones are sufficiently charged if there is power cut during the transfer there would be chance of file getting corrupted. We should also change our settings and check if the Auto-install from unknown sources is ON if not system does not allow installation of the application.

Drawbacks of cloneit

Even though there are a lot of advantages we do have of cons in cloneit application

The application may not run smoothly in low-end phones.

It takes some additional time to find the receiver.

Hope this summary gives you a clear picture about step by step installation process of Cloneit application in pc or laptop. If you feel this is more helpful just share to your friends Through social media.

Comment if you feel any difficulties. Also, comment on the name of the application which you need to review. so we will make a note and we will provide a piece of detailed information about the application.if you are the movie fanatic and looking for solarmovie alternative just click here to read an article hope it helps and thanks of reading it.




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