Cyberflix APK Download Guide

Cyberflix APK Instant Download For Former Terrarium Users

Cyberflix APK Download

Are you searching for Cyberflix APK Download? You have good news. Cyberflix is available for download now. One more important question you might have in your mind is that whether Cyberflix TV APK is a comeback of Terrarium TV application. The answer is more likely, “YES”.


This article will walk you through how similar is Cyberflix to Terrarium, and its features and download link to Cyberflix. To elaborate more on your question, Cyberflix is exactly the same as Terrarium TV app, in terms of animation, UI, and speed.


Cyberflix APK Download Guide
Cyberflix APK Download Guide

The difference being, Cyberflix has a complete and vast collection of movies and TV series. With the help of this in your mobile, you can stream all your favorite movies and TV series now within your palm from wherever you are. For all these, you don’t have to spend even a penny out of your pocket.


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One more important point I would like to highlight is the importance of using a VPN service before choosing such free movie streaming apps like Cyberflix TV. This ensures that your privacy is maintained. If you have already used the Terrarium TV app, then you need no introduction to Cyberflix APK. If you are a former Terrarium fan, this article will be of greater help to you.


Cyberflix TV APK Version 3.1.5 Download


Cyberflix TV apk is almost like a clone of the Terrarium app, one can say. Lately, due to some issues Terrarium decided to be shut down indefinitely. Since then people are in a pursuit to find out the Terrarium app alternatives.

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I would say that Cyberflix APK is the only answer to that. What it does is pretty simple. It scrapes the movie streaming links that are available on the internet already. By this, you can understand that Cyberflix app doesn’t host any content but, it allows you to watch movies for free online. As I already said, using a VPN service is highly recommended.


Cyberflix TV APK Version 3.1.5
Cyberflix TV APK Version 3.1.5

Download Cyberflix TV APK and install it on your devices which will let you stream the movies without any advertisements. Comparing to Terrarium TV, Cyberflix has an edge here. The user interface is a mirror of the Terrarium TV app. Also, the quality of the videos has been improved.

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In addition, Cyberflix APK download provides you an internal player to watch movies, though I would say that MX player works best as always with Cyberflix app. Having used it more than a week, I feel that the experience is much better when you combine Cyberflix and MX player.

Before giving you the link to Download Cyberflix APK, I would like to let you about its features.

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Cyberflix TV Features


  1. Video Sources are more
  2. UI is smooth and reliable
  3. Supports external video players to stream movies
  4. Compatible with Fire TV stick and Android TV Box
  5. Subtitles are included
  6. Free of annoying advertisements
  7. Friendly UI
  8. Better HD quality movies

Do you think the features of Cyberflix App are better than that of Terrarium TV? I feel the same too. On top of all, it has many more things to offer you a better experience.

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Cyberflix TV APK Latest Version 3.1.5 Download


If you have decided to continue using Cyberflix app, then you need to download Cyberflix TV apk. You need a direct link to download Cyberflix TV APK. It is given below. Click on the link to download Cyberflix App on your device.


   Download Cyberflix TV APK 3.1.5 (Official Link is available on Google)


By visiting the above official link,  you can start downloading the Cyberflix TV APK.  You can use Cyberflix TV on your Windows PC and Firestick as well. All you need is to download Cyberflix TV latest APK.


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After successfully downloading Cyberflix TV, install it on your device just like installing any other software normally. If you face any problems while installing Cyberflix TV app, you can refer the official page to find out what has gone wrong.


Download Cyberflix TV APK On Android Tablet/Smartphone


If you are downloading the latest version of Cyberflix APK on your computer, then you might need to install in your smartphone/tablet. I would like to reassure that using Cyberflix TV along with a VPN service keeps you in a safe place in terms of privacy.Follow below steps to install Cyberflix TV APK on your android phone safely:

STEP 1. Navigate to Settings > Security > Allow apps from unknown resources

STEP 2. Use the link given above to download Latest Cyberflix TV apk.

STEP 3. Once after moving Cyberflix APK file into your android mobile, try to open it. If your device uses android version 8.0, then you might have to grant permission on the pop up that comes as soon as you open the application.

Now, you might see the progress as “Cyberflix TV being installed on your android”. You can wait until the progress is complete.

Summing Up the Latest Cyberflix APK Download Guide


We are at the end of the guide to Cyberflix TV APK download. We reviewed Cyberflix App with its features. Also, we compared it to the formerly popular Terrarium TV app. With the help of Cyberflix TV, you can watch an unlimited number of movies and TV shows on your mobile. It’s like quite a comeback of Terrarium TV app. In addition, you can download the videos from Cyberflix TV app.

If you have any problems while trying to download Cyberflix APK, let me know below through comments.


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