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Music is an art form and a cultural activity that basically defines the life around you and explains the nativity of each group by its splendid organized sound with spectacular timing. Music has become a lonely companion for many people which travels with us through all the mood switchovers. It actually swings with the heart for the timely mindset either you are so happy or so sad. For such a companion a music player should be well developed with proper equalizer to attain the originality of the hearing. Avee Music player is one such app which provides the love of hearing with ease of user-friendly connectivity.

Why Avee music player?

Avee Player for PC is the lightweight music player which contains the common player features and extended with highly customizable audio visualizers. Most of the music lovers will be convinced with a good audio visualizer, good equalizers and good crossfaders in a single application. And to those music lovers, Avee Player will be the gift which delivers their entire requirements in a single click.

Avee Player for PC offers the customizable audio visualizers, HD video production, Crossfaders, widgets, audio equalizers and even sleep timers. One more feature that gives a deed for the usage of Avee Player is the access of native folder. Even though this is not the new feature with this app but the combined effects of all positive notes along with native folder access brings the effect of convenience.

Avee Player PC

Avee Player provides different User Interface skins which help the user not to have the boring single look all the time. Avee music player plays almost all the music formats. So if there is a song in your playlist you will definitely hear it. This app also provides the crossfaders. The crossfader is in-built with Avee player and provides the ease of hearing experience. This feature makes the song to fade out and the other song fades in such that this song is part of the before one. The change of music will be smooth and it blends the music that enhances the experience of hearing.

The user can also activate the sleep timer when hearing songs at night. Many people have the habit of hearing songs at night and fall asleep without stopping the music. That will be one of the problems for all those people who doze off while listening to music. Avee player provides this feature which will be useful.

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How to download Avee Player for PC?

An Avee player is basically the app available for Android. But this can be used in Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Mac OS as well with the following steps.

First Step: Download any of the Android emulator (Any one of the following Nox player, Blue stacks, MEmu, Ko player)

Second Step: Install the Android emulator as similar to the other apps.

Third Step: Search for Google Play store

Fourth Step: In Play Store search for “Avee Player”

Fifth Step: Download and install the App.

Features of Avee Player:

  • It supports most music formats
  • Customizable audio visualizers
  • Audio equalizers
  • Convert a visualizer as HD video
  • Access for native folders
  • Sleep Timer
  • UI skins
  • Crossfade and smooth transition
  • Status bar widgets

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Avee music player is a wonderful app for managing music with ease. Its advantage in access to native folders, audio equalizers and crossfades enhances the hearing experience. The ability to export the visualizer as HD video is one of the greatest features which most music lovers will love to have it. In addition to that Sleep timer and UI, skins provide an added advantage for the app. Download Avee player and have music bliss.


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