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Hey friends, Today we are going to help you on how to download the MX Player Pro APK on your PC or Android device without spending a single penny. Most of the people in the world uses the MX Player free version in their Android device. You wonder, why they are not using the MX Player Pro APP?

The main reason is that you need to pay around $5 to buy the MX Player Pro version in the Play Store. This is the main reason to keeps away the people by using this app. Then how to use it without spending money?

Don’t Worry below we are going to guide you on how to download the MX Player Pro for free.

What is MX Player Pro?

MX Player Pro is a video player Android application. Mx Player Pro is the advanced version of MX Player. While watching the Movies this player offers a lot of control and features for the users on the Android device. This Application is more attractive and flexible, user-friendly compared to other video players like VLC, HD video player, etc…

Benefits of MX Player Pro:

AD free version:

You can able to watch the movies without any interruption by Popup Ads. There will be a lot of ads comes on the standard version of MX Player. So, prefer to use MX Player Pro version because it is ad-free.

Video Formats:

MX Player Pro supports a lot of video formats. So, you can able to see any kinds of video through this application. It supports all popular codec and video formats like MP4, MPEG, WEBM, WMV, XVID. AVI, DIVX, FLV, MKV, MOV. If you are not able to play video in the MX Player Pro means App will prompt you to download the additional suitable codec. After downloading, you can able to see the same video through this app.

Subtitle Formats:

This Application supports almost all the subtitle track. you can watch different language movies through this app. In Subtitle option, it will help you to download the suitable subtitle track for the video. It supports subtitle formats like SUB, IDX, MPL, TXT,  SSA, SMI, SRT.

other features in the subtitle: 

  • Change the text Font Style
  • Text Colouring can be done.
  • We can able to move the text all around the app.
  • Text Size can be changed through this app.
  • In case, if the video is not synced with subtitle means we can able move forward/backward video set apt to the subtitle.

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Live Video stream from online:

Mx Player Pro helps the user to stream the videos from the online without any interruption. You can stream the videos from youtube by using MX Player Pro.

Resume whenever you want:

While watching the video, if you close the app in the middle of the video and then after a few minutes later you can able to continue the video from where it quit last time. It can ask your preference whether you want to start over the video from the beginning or from the Last time it quits ( Resume Option).

Audio in Background:

You can able to minimize the app and can able to hear the audio from the MX Player Pro even after Minimizing the video.

Lock Mode:

While Watching the video you can able to lock the screen in MX Player Pro app. It helps to avoid unwanted distraction in the phone.  Mainly helps kids by preventing them from opening up other apps, or making calls unwantedly.

OverView of MX Player Pro APK:

Application NameMX Player Pro APK
Based on which classEntertainment
Developed byJ2 Interactive
Operating SystemAndroid and PC
Latest  Updated Version1.10.50
Size of the File17 MB
Minimum OS RequirementAndroid 4.0
App Package
Third party appNot available in play store
CategoryVideo player

Download the latest updated version of MX Player Pro APK for Android Device:

The Free version of MX Player Pro App is not available in the App store or Play store. Then How can we download it without using money?  So, here we are going to give you a method of download the MX Player Pro Apk.

Below we are going to give you the download link of the MX Player Pro Apk file.

Download MX Player Pro APK

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Steps to Install the MX Player Pro Apk in your Android Device:

First Step: Firstly, you need to download the MX Player Pro Apk file. A link has been given above click and downloads it.

Second Step: After downloading the file, It will be stored in your file manager.

Third Step: Go to the File Manager in your Andriod device in that you will be able to see the download file of the MX Player Pro Apk File.

Fourth Step: Click the Mx Player Pro Apk, Immediately it will ask you to enable the Unknown Sources. Because the download APK file is a third-party device so it will ask you to ON the Un Known Sources.

Fifth Step: After enabling the Unknown Sources option in your Android device. Next, you need to click again the MX Player Pro APK file.

Sixth Step: After Clicking the file, Do you want to install this application? question will arise. Now, Click the Install option in the below on the screen

Seventh Step: It will take a few minutes for the installation process so, be patient. Once the Installation is done means click and open the app. Now, you can see any video in your mobile through this MX Player Pro App.

You can also check whether the device is activated or not by going to the Menu option in that go to Help option and click About option.

Final Verdict:

These are the easy ways to download and install the MX Player Pro APK file. If you have any doubts regarding this article means just comment below. Enjoy the MX Player Pro app without purchasing.  Since I purchased Android Mobile, I am using this app. Totally, I have happy with the experience in the MX Player Pro. We will update more information about this app through this site. So, keep in touch with us…

Thanks for Reading…

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