gCMOB for pc download

Download gCMOB For Pc (Windows / Mac): Step By Step Guide 2019

gCMOB For Pc: The development in technology has taken a step in eyeing something during your absence in a particular place. Safety is a prime purpose and there are many places like Banking, Real estate, education, Retail stores, Healthcare, Transport and public paces has to be viewed thoroughly.

On a personal note, it is hard to have an eye on your home, store and office to watch it going good during your physical absence. You need to have a trusted person to look after those things at these places for your satisfaction.

As growth in technology leads you to have a technological eye in support of you or sometimes replacing you for the safety of your home, store or office. There are many tools to safeguard your property and Surveillance camera is one best electronic tool in its category.

IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are one well-performing electronic device, which will record the video and connects with NVR (Network Video Recorder).

gCMOB for pc download

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How to live stream the Video with gCMOB?

It is simple by using gCMOB app which is available in Google play store. The gCMOB is an android surveillance application that allows monitoring and manipulating the live streaming videos in Internet Protocol cameras, NVR (Network Video Recorder), DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and Video door phone cameras.

The surveillance safety cameras are connected to Internet protocol which will allow the user to operate and have a view on their property under surveillance over mobile phones using this android app gCMOB.

How to download a gCMOB app for PC?

The gCMOB app can be downloaded only with the help of android emulators. Various android emulators are available for PC. Some of the android emulators are Nox player, BlueStacks, MEmu and so on which are available in open source. By using the Android emulator you can download any apps. The below steps are need to follow to download the gCMOB app.

gCMOB for pc download

Step 1: Download any of the Android emulator (Any one of the following Nox player, Blue stacks, MEmu, Ko player) Bluestack Official

Step 2: Install the Android emulator as similar to the other apps.

Step 3: Search for Google Play store

Step 4: In Play Store search for “gCMOB”

Step 5: Download and install the App.

Will be able to playback the video?

The gCMOB app has the feature of playback the video during the live preview. It is possible to live stream 16 cameras in parallel. The biggest advantage of gCMOB is the videos can be digital zoomed during the live streaming, so it allows the user to specifically zoom in to see some important things.

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Advantages of gCMOB:

The advantages of the gCMOB app are

  • Provides easy User Interface to operate.
  • Devices can be added at ease by scanning QR codes.
  • Digital Zooming in the live stream.
  • Able to live stream up to 16 cameras in different split-ups.
  • Real-time playback is possible during a live stream.
  • Up to 4 cameras can be played back.
  • Instant live starting preview is possible.
  • Possible to merge video playback and image playback.
  • Any camera video can be edited.
  • Basic health monitoring of device is applicable.
  • Door video phone camera can be connected.
  • Files can be transferred.

Is it Free?

The gCMOB app is completely free and it is available in Google play store for android phones. The gCMOB app was developed by CP PLUS GmBh which is a global pioneer in making simple and affordable advanced security and surveillance solutions.

As per the survey conducted by IHS in 2017 claims that CP PLUS is the fastest and youngest brand to enter the Top 4 security companies in the world. CP PLUS has a global presence in the market and can be ensured with the safety of the surveillance videos.

What is NVR or DVR?

Generally, all are aware of CCTV cameras which will record the video and stored to the SD card or Hard disks. But NVR (Network Video Recorder) or DVR (Digital Video Recorder) will have network connector in- order to provide the live streaming for the user.

NVR (Network Video Recorder) is recorded IP cameras that are connected with network cables and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) will record the analog cameras which will be connected using a coax cable.

In-depth it involves more technical details about these technologies. For the article constraint, it can be limited that both the technologies record videos but through a different transmission.

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The gCMOB app for pc is the best surveillance application with an easy user interface. It can preview up to 16 cameras with a zoom option. Playback is possible with this app for 4 cameras in parallel.

It provides basic information about the device and pushes out option in the live stream. Good app to be used. Download and have safe surveillance.

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