Google Indic Keyboard For Pc

Google Indic Keyboard For Pc: How to Download and Install On Pc

Google Indic Keyboard For Pc: People will always love to write, speak and read in their own language. All over the world people are fascinated by their language and learn other languages also for the purpose of education, work, communicating on global forum and interest towards another language because of its own texture.

For the people who love to express his / her views in their own language will always find it difficult to convert his words from one language to another language using Internet source. To those people who want to express their views in the text in their local language Google has introduced a keyboard called “Google Indic Keyboard”.

Google Indic Keyboard For Pc

What is Google Indic Keyboard?

Google Indic Keyboard is an input method which allows the user to type the text in local languages. The Google Indic keyboard provides different language keyboards like

  • English keyboard
  • Assamese keyboard
  • Bengali keyboard
  • Gujarati keyboard
  • Hindi keyboard
  • Kannada keyboard
  • Malayalam keyboard
  • Marathi keyboard
  • Odia keyboard
  • Punjabi keyboard
  • Tamil keyboard
  • Telugu keyboard

Google Indic Keyboard For Pc

What does Indic mean?

As you could see the above languages are Indian languages. No doubt in it as the name “Indic” represents to the Indo- Aryan languages. When we speak about Indo Aryan languages then it can be concluded that it has various scripts. As a country like India has various scripts and people love to communicate with their loved ones in their own language. This keyboard provides various languages like Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Odia, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada and Gujarati. The user can directly type the text on their supported languages directly which is cream on your favourite cake.

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How to download Google Indic Keyboard for pc and Laptops?

To download Google Indic Keyboard for PC on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 the following steps need to be done.

Step 1: Download any of the following Android Emulator like Blue stacks, Nox player, MEmu player or Ko player

Step 2: Install the Android Emulator

Step 3: Search for Google Indic Keyboard app

Step 4: This app doesn’t provide a special installer.

This app can be used for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and Mac also with the same procedure. The essence of local languages can be felt with the help of Google Indic keyboard as it has many keyboards like Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and more.

Features of Google Indic Keyboard:

The features of Google Indic Keyboard are listed below

  • Native Script: This allows the user to enter the text in their own native languages directly using the suitable keyboard
  • Transliteration mode: This mode in the Google Indic Keyboard for PC allows the user to make the text in local language by spelling it in English letters.
  • Customizable mode: The customizable mode provides the user with the suggestion of terms both in English and the local language. The user can select any of the term required or can continue with own term. You may like 14 EBook Torrent Sites: You Must Try in 2019


With the features like entering a native script, transliteration mode and customizable mode in the Google Indic keyboard for PC, it provides an enjoyable time for the user in texting on their own language. The ability of the app to convert from English (Qwerty keyboard) letters to texts of the local languages helps the user to hold the texture and nativity of the language. The Google Indic Keyboard has different native language keyboards like Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and more. Enjoy the texting on your language on Google Indic keyboard for PC.

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