How to Fix mds_stores Consuming High CPU Usage on your Mac

If you are a Mac user and suddenly found your Mac is running very slowly. You should launch your Activity monitor. Where you may observe that a process named ‘mds’  blocks even up to 90% CPU utilization.


Ever wondered a couple of processes mds and mdworker running constantly while you check your activity monitor. Don’t bother it is not uncommon behaviour and also they are harmless.

First, let us know what mds stand for, mds stand for “metadata server”  which is responsible for the index that you get for a quick search result. mds process is a part of the spotlight. It is an incredible potential and very useful search feature. The feature is built directly into Mac OS x foundation.

You can access Spotlight by pressing “Command+Spacebar”.


mdworker stands for metadata server worker which is also responsible for the hard work of indexing your files. This, in turn, gives you a quick search result.

By looking at the Spotlight icon one can identify if mds and Spotlight are indexing. The Spotlight icon present in the upper right corner of your menu bar.

  • Many have the doubt that whether mds_stores process related to mdworker.
  • The answer for that will be YES and mdworker is totally another part of Spotlight and it’s indexing engine.

Also, we should know How long does mds_stores and Spotlight take to complete indexing.

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A few variables that determine the time taken to update the Spotlight index are

  • The amount of data being indexed
  • The time since last indexing
  • The size of your hard drive

One must let the indexing complete, it takes between 20-45 minutes to complete. We can disable Spotlight if we never use that. This will stop mds_stores and its indexing.

Does your mds_stores process consuming high CPU usage in MAC

Ever noticed that your CPU is consumed by one major factor. That is the mds_stores and that is the only thing that uses the CPU. Sometimes it can even take up to 100% of the CPU. A lot of Mac users facing this difficulty. They face various issues. But among them, the most irritating ones are the sluggish performance of your Mac.

The consumption of a high amount of CPU power by msd_stores leads to the abnormal increase in the temperature of your Mac. This is the reason your Mac deliver extremely poor performance at times. Sometimes the system may also freeze.

Immediately after observing that your Mac is heating up a lot and the performance level is very slow, you should check the Activity monitor. If you find the mds & mds_stores in your activity monitor then you are the victim of mds-stores issue of consuming high CPU usage.


mds & mds_stores both are related to Spotlight’s indexing.

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So How to Fix mds_stores Consuming High CPU Usage on your Mac

First of all what a common Mac user will do,

  • They will stop the process and then remove the index
  • Restarting the computer.
  • Resetting the ROM
  • Disabling the antivirus.
  • Adding various directories to the ‘do not index’ list

There is nothing wrong in trying these methods. The first thing you should follow and try to fix the mds_stores consuming high CPU usage is by restarting the system. At times restarting alone can help you overcome your problem.

If it doesn’t work don’t worry as there is always a solution for every problem. You don’t need to be an expert to solve these issues, you can simply follow the steps suggested by us to overcome your problem.

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Delete some directories from Spotlight’s indexing

Remove some directories that were frequently changing the content. This will help you turn mds_stores consuming a lot of CPU to normal condition. Before doing this, delete Spotlights’ database and force it to re-index. Go to Application=> Utilities were you can find Terminal.

Copy and paste the following command in prompt

sudo rm -rf /.Spotlight-V100/*



Initially delete the Spotlight’s database. In System Preferences, click the Privacy tab and then drag Macintosh HD into this window or into any directories you don’t want it to index. Restart again and you are done.

The metedata server has to index every directory because it enables you to make a quick search in spotlight. This will benefit you only if you delete some of the directories. This means it doesn’t need a lot of power to run because the mds doesn’t have to index a lot of files.

Restart your MacBook after the spotlight database is completely deleted. After that let the Spotlight re-index the data in the hard drive. The process  of reindexing may take a lot of time, so be patient until the process gets completed

This is the best way to fix the mds_stores high CPU usage problem. mds-stores is a process related to Spotlight indexing. So obviously most of the time it will start consuming a large amount of CPU.

Having Administrative rights on your MacBook will help you to Disable/Enable Spotlight and also prevent Spotlight from searching some new locations or folders. So it is a better option to log in as Administrator to fix the mds_stores issue of consuming high CPU usage on Mac.

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