iEmu apk for android

iEMU APK (Padoid APK) for Android to Use iOS Apps(Best iOS Emulator)

iEMU Apk Download: In this world, most of them are using Android Phones comparing to iPhone Users. Most of the Android users love to use the iPhone but, they can’t use it due to the Price.

Don’t Worry Android users here is the IOS emulator for Android to use the iOS apps on your Android phone. By using the Emulator for Android you can get the exact features of the iPhone on your Android Device.

Here we Present you a complete guide to the Best iOS Emulator for Android iEMU Apk for Android.

In addition to it, you can download the iEMU Apk here and the installation procedure too. Let discuss the iEMU Apk below and its Feature.

iEMU APK for Android/Padoid APK

Everyone will have a doubt “What is iEMU APK?”. Because without knowing about it no one is going to download any APK. Here you can find the answer to the above question.

iEmu apk for android
iEmu apk for android

iEMU APK is an Application for Android to run iOS apps on the Android Phone. iEMU APK is also Known as Padoid APK which convert from Android UI to iOS UI.

Padoid APK/iEMU APK is an open source Android emulator which helps to install and run the iOS apps on the Android Device. Although, it is the best emulator for Android it does not appear in the Google Play store.

Identically, you need to download the iEMU APK for Android from the Third party websites.

In fact, iEMU APK is the most popular for iOS Emulator for Android. You can download the APK without any fear even though you don’t have any Anti-virus. It is a trustworthy Apk to download on your device which will provide you with the exact features of the iOS Devices experience.

Features of iEMU APK(Padoid APK)

First of all, everyone wants to know “Why to download iEMU APK( Padoid APK)?“. If we are downloading something it has to benefit us by all means. So, you can get to know about the key features of the iEMU APK. Let us see the features of iEMU iOS Emulator below.

  • By using iEMU Apk, you can use all the iOS application.
  • Userfriendly Interface
  • Size of App is less than 4 MB.
  • iEMU App available at Free of Cost.
  • Virus free Application.
  • In addition, iEMU uses a less memory space while using the iOS Apps on your Device.
  • Also, Supports Old version of an Android operating system.

You can use the iEMU Apk without rooting your device. In addition, If you want to root your Android Device then check the best root checker apps. iEMU Apk for Android also works on the root device.

Requirements to Download iEMU APK for Android

In fact, To Download iEMU APK on Android, there is some requirement needed to Check on your Android Device. It’s just a basic requirement common for all the APK files. Eventually, you can check the requirements below.

  • Minimum Ram of 256MB
  • Storage Space of 80MB at least.
  • Android Version 2.3 or higher
  • Internet connection.

Download LInk

How to Install iEMU APK file?

Let’s have a brief look at the installation procedure of iEMU APP because installation is an important thing for an App. If anything goes wrong during the installation the App will some problems. So, just goes through the simple procedure below step by step.


Eventually, If you have an experience in installing the APK files you can directly go ahead. Even though, if you have a doubt just go through once, it may help you. Those who are new to installation can check below and install the iEMU APP.

Step1: Turn ON the Unknown Sources on the Settings.

If aware of this tab on your Device, Then go ahead and Turn it ON. Those who are not aware of it just follow the steps.

In Android Device, Go to Settings and toggle down to the Security Settings.

Select the Security Setting, In that setting search for Unknown sources tab. Just Turn On the tab. It just a procedure and it will ask for permission, just select OK.

Once, you turn On the Unknown Sources move on to Step 2. If you have any doubt just see the image as shown below.

iEMU APK download

Step2: Now, download iEMU APK from the Download section below.

Step3: After downloading the Padoid APK, Just open the Apk file.

Step4: A Popup menu appears asking for Installation, Select Install.

Step5: It will start installing App on your Device.

Step6: Once Installation Completes, open the iEMU APP.

Step7: iEMU App will ask for permission, just grant all the permission. It will not harm your Device.

Step8: That’s it. Now, you can enjoy using the iOS Apps on your Android device using iEMU APP.


Hope that you got a clear idea about the iEMU APK for Android. Padoid Apk is the best iOS Emulator. In Either Case, you face any problem you can download another Emulator for Android Here. Now, Enjoy downloading and using the iOS Apps on your Android device and have an iPhone Experience.

Thank you for Reading!!!!

If you have any issue with Installation and Download iEMU iOS Emulator APK. Just feel free to comment below, we will reach you with a better solution.

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