Liberty Lite jailbreak Detection Tool

Liberty Lite Jailbreak Detection Bypass Tool for iOS 11 [Updated 2019]

Liberty Lite Bypass Detection Tool: It is extremely basic that a large portion of the general population is utilizing the outsider applications on their iOS gadget by jailbreaking it. In reality, it is view as the very thing for the possibility to locate their most loved applications or diversions which are not accessible in AppStore. In the meantime, it additionally has the downside which won’t get upheld by the strategy where different recreations or applications have. This sort of issue is the large portion of the iOS gadget clients with regards to utilizing programming or amusements. Also, Check SonyLiv APP

On the off chance that you are finished with jailbroken effectively, at that point this sort of issues will be confronted. For this situation, the clients are endeavoring to shroud the jailbreak on their gadgets to run the diversions or programming easily with no issues. For your data, we could see there was an xCon which changes the jailbreak to cover up, yet it will be good with iOS 11. In any case, we got the arrangement with Liberty Lite. It was as of late propelled for the clients to secure the status of jailbreak with Electra jailbreak. For this situation, it is vital for you to pursue the establishment procedure to run this advancement with no troubles.

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What is Liberty Lite?

Liberty Lite jailbreak Detection Bypass tool
What is Liberty Lite?

Liberty Lite is a universally useful escape location sidestep for iOS 11 firmware. It is designed by fix designer, Ryley Angus.

Since it’s the “light” adaptation of the first Liberty Cydia change, a noteworthy component is absent from this change.

Clients can’t specifically empower and debilitate Cydia Substrate or, for Electra’s situation, Comex’s Substitute with this rendition.

Shockingly, the engineer didn’t test this change out on iOS 11 firmware. As indicated by Ryley, he tried it just on iOS 9/10 yet it works consummately on iOS 11 with no hitches. Also, Check How to get Free Netflix accounts

Requirements for Liberty Lite Jailbreak

  1. Requires an iPhone or iPad or iPod
  2. App or game that detects jailbreak
  3. Cydia

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How to Install and Download Liberty Lite Cydia Tweak

Liberty Lite jailbreak Detection Tool
Liberty Lite jailbreak

Step1: In your device, Open Cydia and move on to source selection.

Step2: Tap on Edit–> Add and Enter URL of Ryley’s Cydia Repository.

Step3: Automatically, installation begins and completes shortly.

Step4: Tap on the file and Browse on All Packages Section.

Step5: Remove the older version of the Package before installing Lite Version.

Step6: Settings–>Liberty Lite. Apply App-Specific patches.

Note: However, If you can’t find the tweak in stock settings. Try disabling conflicting tweaks.

Step7: Tap on the Block jailbreak Detection and turn it On.

Good You have successfully done it. Also, If you found any issue regarding the unable to work. then you have to wait for the full Version.

Custom Patches of Liberty Lite

Just Check out some of the custom patches for Liberty Lite Jailbreak for Some Applications.


  1. ADIB Mobile Banking App
  2. British Airways
  3. CaixaBank app
  4. Dokkan Battle JP
  5. Fire Emblem Heroes
  6. myBranch
  7. PayPal
  8. Pokemon Go
  9. Santander Personal Banking
  10. Snapchat
  11. Vudu
  12. STARZ
  13. Super Mario Run
  14. Fire Emblem Heros.
  15. Sparkasse banking app
  16. Sparkasse push TAN

Not Working

  1. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
  3. Fate/Grand Order
  4. Halifax banking app
  5. Maybank Banking
  6. RHBNow
  7. SEB Mobile Banking app
  8. UBS Access

Wrapping Up

As of late, individuals who were confronting issues without running amusements or applications on their gadgets, at last, have discovered the gadget. Consequently, the above-given procedure for concealing the jailbreak status from your gadget will be useful for the clients. When it is pursuing effectively on your gadget, at that point you are presently prepared to continue further with no troubles. For tech related news or file just visit

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