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Lime Player For Android, Firestick, Showbox 2020

Lime Player For Android | Firestick:

Lime Player is for Android devices, a video player for compatible with most formats, including high definition and high-resolution sizes.

If you are not completely satisfied with the native Android video player, we recommend using Lime Player. With this application, you can use different options to watch your videos and even listen to your Android music collection.

It is an application to reproduce multimedia files with a relatively simple design but with features that offer us a lot of versatility in opening any multimedia file, including high-definition videos.

Lime Player For Android


Lime Player Main features provided:

  • Listen to audio files in different formats.
  • Enter the URLs to view the files online.
  • Compatible with the vast majority of video files, including HD.
  • Support for Chromecast.
  • Supports subtitle files.
  • Browse your folders and access the thumbnails of your files.

However, although it is a decent application in its category, compared to other applications like VLC, it has a significant drawback.

we will have to put up with a lot of advertisements, which may not be a good idea for those of you who can’t support full interfaces of announcements.

Powerful, fast, and lightweight video player with advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle support. so Lime Player Android is the best video application to play music and videos.

It’s a simple operation, fast startup, smooth playback. It is compatible with all types of video formats.
Lime Player can also play all high-definition video files (HD video, 4K video).

HARDWARE ACCELERATION: hardware acceleration can be applied to multiple videos with the help of the new HW + decoder.

SUPPORTED SUBTITLE: You can upload the subtitle file .srt from your device or

Lime Player - Android -Showbox-Firestick

How to Install Lime Player Apk?

There are two ways to install Android apps.

Step one: The first is the Play Store, the official Android store.

Step Two: However, the second method is known as a third-party source, where you get the game app or apk file for the first time, then install it manually. So our website is a third-party source. To install the apk file, you need to follow these steps carefully.

Step Three: Download file for both Android and Firestick has mentioned below, use direct Link

Basic requirements

There is one thing you need to keep in mind when installing this tool: you can also use it as a standard player to play videos directly from your device’s gallery. No need to install Show Box to do it on your phone. However, to start the Showbox, you need this player.

Furthermore, the following requirements must be considered.

  • It is compatible with Android 4.3 and later.
  • Your device must have at least 1 GB of RAM.
  • Root access is not required and is compatible with rooted devices.

Download Apk

How to Install Lime Player on Firestick?

Step one: Open setting – Device option – My firestick,

Step Two: Then Device option – Developer option – Apps from an unknown source.

Step Three: Turn on Unknow source – Go to search option – find ( downloader)

Step Four: Install Lime player within or else upload apk file above

Install lime player on firestick

Lime Player Negative:

However, this reader has recently been released and is currently under test. Therefore, this application has some critics from its users. The reason for this criticism is quite genuine because if you enjoy a video and in the meantime, an announcement appears, that ruins your fun. That’s why people get upset about this problem.

Lime Player Positive:

It is not possible to solve all problems in a short time. Since the app is new to the market, and it is almost impossible for developers to solve all these problems in this short time.

As we know, Google Play is the official store for downloading Android apps and games. That’s why millions of registered users regularly visit the store.

On the other hand, while the app has some critics of its audience, there is a vast majority of the people who admire it.

So there is still hope for the best, and you will see improvements in the future.

 Showbox Users need a Lime player?

Lime player showbox

yes, If you are a Showbox user, it is mandatory to install the Lime Player app as it has made this app officially binding on its users. Otherwise, you will not be able to stream your favorite stuff to Show Box, or it will be useless to have it on your phone.

However, you can take action if you do not want to install this application. This is the old version of the Showbox. In the old version, you might be able to use any other player you want to stream with.


If you want to play your favorite movies, TV shows, TV shows, and other types of clips without problems using the Showbox app, you will need to purchase this player. Otherwise, you will not be ready to run or transmit through this application. Download the latest version of Lime Player Apk for Android phones, smartphones, and tablets by clicking the button below.


Q1. Does the show box need a lime player?

Ans. It is mandatory to install the Lime Player app as it has made this app officially

Q 2. What is the apk file?

Ans. Apk files are the androids packages you can install on it. These are just like the EXE files for the Windows operating system.

Q2. Lime Player Safe?

Ans. Yes, the use and installation of your mobile phones are completely safe.

Q3. Is it free?

Ans. Yes, it’s free.

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