Download MTK Droid tool

MTK Droid Tool Download (All Versions) To Root Android Device

MTK Droid Tool is the perfect software if you want to perform a few extraordinary tasks with your Android smartphones that are powered by MediaTek hardware.

Something similar to ODIN for Samsung phones, the MTK Droid Tool lets you perform tasks like rooting your device, create scatter file, taking backups of Stock Recovery as well as firmware, Write IMEI and much more.

You might have heard of Odin that’s s popular in Samsung phones. Similar to Odin, “MTK Droid Tool” gives you an edge on various tasks such as rooting your device, Creating scatter file and more importantly taking backups of stock recovery, Write IMEI and even more tasks you would want to perform.

Knowing what ‘MTK Droid Tool’ can do for you, If you want to install and use the features of MTK Droid root tool, you are in the correct place. With the help of this guide, you will be able to download the latest version of MTK Droid Tool.

Download MTK Droid Tool
Download MTK Droid Tool

Limitations Of MTK Droid Tool

One shortcoming with MTK Droid tool is that it can be used on devices whose Android OS version is about 5. ie. You can use MTK Droid Tools in Android versions that is greater than 5.0.

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What are the features of MTK Droid Tool?

1. MTK Droid Tool To create ‘scatter file’

if you ever wanted to flash your MediaTek device, you would be required to create a scatter file. with the help of MTK Droid tool, we can create the scatter file.

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2.  MTK Droid tool to write IMEI

Sometimes you might need to backup and restore the IMEI of your device. MTK Droid tool comes handy to take backup and restore your IMEI number of the device.

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3.Using MTK Droid Tool for Backup Recovery


If you want to take the stock recovery of your device, you will need a tool. MTK droid tool is so useful to serve this purpose. Also, you can restore the back up in your device.

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4.Root Android Phone

A lot of people search for the best software to root an android device.  Though there are many tools available in the market these days,  MTK droid tool is pretty straightforward in getting things done.

Link to download Android MTK Droid Tool:  – Mtk_Droid_tool_v2.5.3
Caution Before Using MTK Droid Tool
Caution Before Using MTK Droid Tool

Caution Before Using MTK Droid Tool

  • ‘MTK Droid tool’ can only be used for MediaTek smartphones. If you have some other type of device, check for some other tools.
  • Flashing your device with third-party tools should be at your own risk.

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System Requirement of MTK Droid Tool

  • Mobile with Mediatek
  • pdaNet software
  • MTK root tool
  • A USB cable to connect the device
  • PC (Windows)
How to root your android device using MTK Droid Tool
How to root your android device using MTK Droid Tool

How to root MediaTek Device with MTK Droid tool?

  • Navigate to Settings. Go to the “Developer” option.  Select “USB-Debugging”
  • Connect mobile with PC using the USB cable
  • Make sure you get the success message “Driver successfully installed”
  • Start the tool as administrator
  • Click on the “Root” button of MTK Droid tool
  • Let the Progress bar complete
  • Follow the further instruction of the MTK flash tool which will eventually root the connected device.

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To sum up, what we have been seeing so far, you got the link to download MTK Droid tool latest version, and also its limitations, features of MTK Droid tool. Before proceeding the rooting process, I would like you to go through the caution section once. Also, check your system requirements before installing the MTK Droid tool on your Windows PC. If you find this article useful, let us know it by your comments.

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