How to use PS2 Emulator Android: Download & Install (Updated 2019)

Everyone in this world loves to play video games on Android mobiles, Tablets, P.C etc. If you are someone who likes to PlayStation 2 games on Andriod mobiles means this article will be very helpful for you. Here we are going to guide you step by step process of how to play PlayStation 2 games on your Andriod Mobiles by using the best emulator.PS2 emulators Android can run your favourite games in Andriod Mobiles.

 What is PlayStation 2:

Sony’s Second video game console or Home video game console is the Play Station 2. It was started back in the year 2000. This type of video game is attracted by more number of people all over the world. High Definition 3D graphics video games were introduced by PS 2.

PS2 Emulator Andriod

Split Screen car racing or bike racing and shooting games are more popular in the early stage of PS2. This kind of games set a benchmark to all other gaming consoles.

Overview of PS 2:

Application NamePower Station 2
Based on which classEntertainment
Developed and manufactured bySony Entertainment
Product TypeHome video game console
Launch dateMarch 4, 2000
Discontinued dateJanuary 4, 2013
Storage Space40 GB hard disk
Display and soundVideo Format, Dolby Digital 5.1
Total Units sold And

Most selling PS2 Game

More than 155million units,

GTA Theft San Andreas

More than two decades from the launch of the game console, Still most of the people don’t know about how to run PS2 games in the Andriod Mobiles. Almost Every Adult in the World carries Mobile Phones and Everybody loves to play video games on their mobile phones. So, Using PS 2 Emulator Andriod we can run the games in your Andriod mobile.

Below we are going to guide you about Best PS2 Emulator Android and Step by Step procedure of how does PS2 game works on Android.

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Top Five PS2 Emulator Android:

Most of the PS2 fans are Andriod Users in the world. We Searched and analyzed the PS2 Emulator on the Google Play Store. From that, we identified the top five PS2 Emulator Andriod and are listed below.

DamanPS2 PRO:

PS2 Emulator Andriod

Daman PS2 is one of the famous Play station emulators. It is a high-speed performance device and boasts multiplatform also. Today most of the gaming emulator doesn’t allow the users to run high rated games on the Andriod games. But using this emulator almost 90% of Play Station 2 games can run on your mobile phones. It provides you cheat code for all games. You need to spend around 700rs to buy this emulator app.

DamanPS2 PRO

Emu Box:

PS2 Emulator Andriod

Do you want to relive your childhood by playing PS 2 games on your Andriod mobile? Then Emu Box helps you to relive your memories. It is composed of multi consoles in one emulator app. Consoles present in the app are SNES, Nintendo DS, NES, and PlayStation. There will not be any ads popups in this app. This helps the games by cheat code, fast forward mode, and it mainly supports the hardware controller. It is 100% cost-free app.

Emu Box


PS2 Emulator Andriod

FPse is another one famous Andriod Emulator in which split-screen support in your mobile. Nearly four players can play PS2 game at the same time. It provides external gamepads, Supports hardware controller and it’s highly compactable. This Emulator provides high-resolution graphics which makes the users to attract on this app. you can able to stop and start your game at any time. You need to spend around 200rs to buy this app. This app is really worth for money.



PS2 Emulator Andriod

RetroArch is the very oldest Andriod Emulator. This app is very difficult to understand because you need to install the individual plugins for every single game. Most of the retro console games are used in this emulator. There is no need to spend the amount to buy this application because this app is completely free to use. No popup ads in this app.



PS2 Emulator Andriod

ClassicBoy app is similar to the emulator Emu Box. It also contains several consoles in one emulator. Several consoles are PlayStation, three Game Boy systems, NatGeo, Nintendo 64, NES, and SEGA. This app supports varies features like hardware controller, split-screen, good sounding system, Save and load states, Finger touch control. This app cost also free to install.


How to play PS2 games in your Andriod mobile by using PS2 Emulator Andriod:

PS2 Emulator Andriod

Every PS2 game definitely has an .ISO file. ISO file is incompatible with the Android device. Because only .APK files can run only in the Andriod OS. So to run IOS file we can use PS2 Emulator Andriod without using any issue.

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Step to play PS2 games in Andriod Mobile:

Below we are going to guide step by step procedure of how to play PS2 games in your Andriod device.

First Step: To fetch the ISO file firstly, we need to download the PS2 Andriod Emulator app. For example, here we are going to use DamonPS2 Pro app.

Second Step: Go to the search engine and search the PS2 game which you like and download it on your mobile.

Third Step: After downloading, you have to extract the ISO file for the downloaded game. To get the ISO file there will be a lot of ISOPS2 links available in the online.

Fourth step: To get the exact ISO file we need to go and search in the two popular sites like Emu Paradise or Cool ROM. Search the apt ISO file for the downloaded game and download it.

Fifth step: After downloading, extract the ISO file and store it in the root directory of your device.

PS2 Emulator Andriod

Sixth Step: Once the file has been stored in your device means go ahead and launch your game in your PS2 Andriod Emulator DamonPS2 Pro app

Seventh Step: Open the Emulator DamonPS2 Pro app click the games icon in the app.

Eighth Step: Find the ISO file in the storage area and the PS2 game file will be detected automatically in the  DamonPS2 Pro app.

Ninth step: To launch the game by clicking the game disc icon in the app. After launching the game virtual gamepad will be available in the screen

Tenth Step: Connect the Bluetooth in the gamepad and enjoy your favourite PS2 game by using PS2 Andriod Emulator DamonPS2 Pro app in hands.

Final words:

I hope this article is very useful for you. If you any doubts regarding How to play PS2 games in your Andriod mobile by using PS2 Emulator Andriod means just comment below. Also, share your thoughts while playing the PS2 game on your Andriod. We will constantly update more details about PS2 Emulator Andriod through this site.

Thank you for Reading…..

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