Facts About Rainierland: All You Need To Know About it

To all the movie buffs out there on the internet would be knowing the most famous online movie website RAINIERLAND. All genre of movies and TV shows be available on this website. An online streaming website which deals with High Definition (HD) videos on a continuous update which will be a lag in other websites.

Will RAINIERLAND Website Ask You For Money?

The complete usage of this website is Free. You can enjoy Free Movies, Free TV shows, Free series of all season with popcorn on your edge to make it more interesting.

On a happier note, the biggest advantage of this website is there is no advertisement or popups. You can enjoy your video without any interruption of Ads.

I think the developer really understood “What the F**K” situation of the viewer when he or she is interrupted by Ad’s while watching his or her own favourite show.

The other websites like Netflix ask you for the subscription after some free trial. Believe us, Rainierland doesn’t ask your subscription or credit card details.


Is it Legal?

Rainierland uploads the free movies, free TV shows and free serials on its website which is not owned by it. Yes, it is an illegal website because it doesn’t possess any copyright for the videos uploaded on its site.

The reason for providing the free streaming is that it doesn’t own the videos unlike other streaming websites like Netflix.

On the other hand websites like Netflix will ask for the proper subscription and credit card details for the user because the completely own the copyrights of the videos they share in their site and it is completely legal.

Will You Be Prosecuted?

There will be thought running through your mind, whether you will be punished for using the illegal website? And the answer to your thought is definitely NO.

The movies and videos were uploaded on the internet and you were just the passive viewer of your most interesting and favourite movies, tv shows and serial.

In case you feel uncomfortable, just use a VPN to have a different IP address.

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The name RAINIERLAND is from the developer of the website Rainier Tamayo. He was arrested for running this pirated online streaming website in October 2016. There has been a talk that this website will be shut down.

But the website is available on the internet even now with much more updates on a continuous period. The frequency of update on this website is like 4 to 5 days.

There are millions of viewers for the Rainierland website. So it is not possible to shut down the website as of sudden.

Even if the website is shut down or banned due to the availability of illegal contents in the website, there are many chances that someone will continue its business by other means for the millions of viewers.

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Advantages of Rainierland

The advantage of Rainierland than other websites will be listed below:

  • The ultimate advantage of it is Free completely.
  • All the videos on the website will be High Definition.
  • Thousands of movies, serials, dramas and TV shows are available.
  • Frequent update of shows on site for viewers.
  • No need for subscription or credit card details.
  • All the famous series are available for free.
  • No interruption of video streaming with Ads.
  • Variety of movies and programs available on home page.
  • Different genres are available for the viewer who will be interested in watching different stories.
  • New movies can be reached to you easily.


This is all about the online streaming website Rainierland. On the brief note to conclude, Rainierland is a free streaming website which has many movies, TV shows, serials of all season and many more.

The usage is completely free which involves no subscription or amount to pay because it doesn’t own the copyrights for its contents, unlike another website.

It provides the movies with high definition on a different genre. All the seasons of your favourite series can be watched on this website. It’s a single platform for the movie freaks to spend the spare time completely on their own favourite action movies and it is absolutely free.

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