8 Ultimate sites like Rainierland: Best Rainierland Alternatives (Free Movies) 2019

Hey guys, Today we are going to explain what is meant by Rainierland and also going to suggest you famous sites like Rainierland alternatives on the internet. Every movie lovers in the world definitely know about Rainierland. If you didn’t know about Rainierland means don’t worry this article will clearly explain you and also suggest the best alternative sites like Rainierland.

Rainierland alternatives

What is Rainierland

Rainierland is a famous website, you can able to see your favorite movies and popular tv shows in high video quality with 1080p resolution. You can surf movies and tv shows without spending money. Here few sites like rainierland

Rainierland alternatives

While watching movies you will not have any intrusion of ads. It is one of the main advantages of this website. Here, Every movie enthusiasts can watch hundreds of movies, serials, dramas, and tv shows through this site. All your favorite Hollywood series are available here.

About Sites Like Rainierland Alternatives:

Sometimes due to some reasons, the website gets slow down and terminated. On that time If you are looking for sites like Rainierland means then don’t worry this article will provide you with the best Rainierland alternatives.

This kind of incident happened back in 2016. The developer of Rainierland website Rainier Tamayo was arrested for streaming the movies in online. On that time website was shut down for a few days.

some people get bored due to the same pattern on the websites. So they are looking for alternative movie sites. Below we are going to formulate a list of some alternative sites similar to Rainierland.

Rainierland Alternatives: Famous sites like Rainierland to watch tv shows and Movies

Put lockers:

  • Putlocker is the top-ranked website for watching movies and tv shows. There will not be any popup messages or ads. You can watch the movies without any interruption.
  • There are more than thousands of latest and classic movies present on this site. Nearly all genres like action, adventure, animation, biography, crime, fantasy, mystery, scientific present on this website.
Rainierland alternatives
  • Request a Movie option is present in this site. From that, you can request your favorite movies through that option.
  • Even an 8-year-old kid can use this website because the user interface is very simple.
  • Every month more than 25 million people using this site. It was started in the year 2011.


  • The site is user interactive.
  • Huge collections of movies.
  • You can watch tv shows also through this site.
  • Stream the movies in High-quality resolution without any interruption.
  • Need to add a new tab for each click.
  • Due to the privacy issue website may be shut down for a few days.

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F movies

  • F movies are one of the best alternative sites for Rainierland. Through this site you can stream the movie online and also you can download.
  • You can sit back with popcorn and watch your favorite movie in HD quality.
  • This site contains different kinds of genre and numerous language movies.
Rainierland alternatives
  • You can request your favorite tv shows or movies through this site.
  • In the homepage, you can see the latest movies and the latest tv shows with a dark background.
  • F movies also have extensions such as  Fmovies.io and F movies.is. More than 7million users using this website monthly. Most of the users from UnitedStates and India.


  • There is no need to register your account for streaming movies
  • More than 13 different language movies present on this site.
  • There is a lot of popup Ads appears in the site

House movie

  • House movie is another popular site for watching movies and tv shows.
  • The videos in this site load much faster than any other sites on the Internet.
  • Apart from the categories like movies, tv shows, and genre. This site contains two different categories one is Random Movie option. Another one is Article option.
Rainierland alternatives
  • If you didn’t have any idea about movies means go to Random option and watch random movies. If you get bored while watching movies means go to Article option sit back and read your favorite article.


  • Very Smooth and clean layout and design present on this site.
  • Reading Article option available.
  • While watching movies, The site also provides news with respect to the movie.
  • The website will be a little bit slower while surfing.
  • Lots of popup ads appear while watching movies.


  • If a person likes to watch movies without any advertisement then Geeker will be one of the best solutions for you.
  • This alternative site contains a huge collection of Movies, Books, PDF, Music etc. This site is pure entertainment for users.
Rainierland alternatives
  • You can surf High Definition Motion pictures here.
  • The number of visitors for this website is from Germany, UnitedStates, and U.K.


  • The site offers eBooks, PDF and Unlimited Music.
  • Zero Popup Ads.
  • The Site is free for only one month. It provides a one-month trail package. After that, you need to pay subscriptions charge for watching.
  • Registration is compulsory for this website.

Hub Movies

  • Next Rainierland alternative is Hub Movie. Hub movie is similar to other movie sites. It also contains Movies and Tv shows section.
  • Apart from those two, It provides two different option: One is the Request option and Another one is Schedule option.
Rainierland alternatives
  • From Request option, you can request your favorite movies and tv shows whatever you like.
  • In Schedule option, you can able to see the release date and time of movies, series and tv shows.
  • Using Filter menu you can able to see whatever genre you like.
  • The total number of users for this site is 800K and most of the Visitors comes from western countries.


  • Registration is not required in this site.
  • There are no Popup Ads.
  • Slow response.
  • There is no download option on this site.

X Movies 8 :

  • X movies 8 is one of the famous sites which provides you with Animation and Cartoon section. You can experience the movies and tv shows in HD quality.
  • The layout of this website is simply awesome with a black background.
  • This website provides Asian tv shows also.
Rainierland alternatives
  • In the Homepage of the website, The sections are categorized into different sections like TV shows, Cartoons, Anime, and Asian Dramas.
  • Nearly 1.6 million users using this website monthly. Most of us from India, U.S.and U.K.


  • Download option is available.
  • Asian tv shows and Cartoon genres are also available.
  • Every click turns into Ads in this site.

Movie 4K:

  • Movie 4k is another one online website where you can watch Movies and tv shows through online but you cannot stream movies on this website. This site gives you the link of the movies where you can stream.
Rainierland alternatives
  • Only a limited number using this site because of poor layout and user interface also poor.
  • It has two best features in the menu one is Torrent and another one LiveTV.
  • Torrent has 123torrents.io link and Live TV has 123stream.io..


  • It has Live TV option
  • The site provides Torrent Download option also.
  • A huge number of Popup Ads.

Watch Free:

  • Watch Free is the best alternative to Rainierland. There is no payment required for this site to watching movies and tv shows.
  • This website is very similar to the Put Locker site.
Rainierland Alternatives
  • The home page is simple and user-friendly. It has two option on the menu; one for Movie option and another one is for Tv shows.
  • Top Putlocker movies are also present on the front page. Watch free may be influenced by PutLockers.


  • Registration is not required for this website.
  • New movies will be updated much quicker than any other website. 
  • Sometimes the website may be shut down for a few days due to privacy issue.

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These are the 8 Ultimate sites like  Rainierland to watch movies and tv shows on online. So, Sit back and enjoy your favorite movies and tv shows through this website. These Alternatives will give you a memorable experience if you interested means ask any questions about this article in the comment section and show your opinion.


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