Top 6 Best and Safe ROM sites 2019

Remember the good old days playing your favourite classic games on your old console. Every one of us will be having sweet memories about our childhood playing these classic games with our handheld devices. You can always play your good old favourite classic games any time you want with the help of emulators. There is no restriction for that.

It is legal to download emulators but some of the ROMs are not legal to download. There are some restrictions for downloading ROMs. Recently we might have heard that a gaming company filed many lawsuits against many free ROM sharing websites. With the effect of this lawsuit, many sites removed download links of ROM from their websites.

Best ROM sites 2019
Best ROM sites 2019

Not all the ROM sites are trustworthy. Most of the sites filled with malware and many other virus threats. And many of them contain pop up advertisement through which virus can easily affect your system. You must be frustrated by trying many sites. So if you are searching for a site where you can easily download ROMs for games. Then we will provide you with genuine and safe ROM sites to download ROMs for playing games so that you can play them on Emulators.

Here is the list of Best ROM sites for downloading ROMs safe and securely


DopeROMs is one of the best ROM sites providing great quality ROMs and emulators. The DopeROMS allows you to play backups. Basically, the DopeROMs is known as the interactive site for video games. Playing these backups of your games on mobile devices or computer is an easy task.  You can find the games using a search bar located on the top of the page where you can type a keyword to search.

best rom sites2019
best ROM sites 2019

The ROMs database is huge and more than lakhs of ROMs are available to download for more than 100 different types of consoles. So most probably you will Find a ROM of your choice. Also, you will find the emulator that required to run your favourite Android game. Not only the DopeROMs provide you with variety of ROMs but it also comes with various tips and cheats codes which help you complete the game.


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Gamulator is one of the latest generation ROMs and Emulator downloading websites. Almost you can find ROMs for almost various types of console. They are coming with the latest updates of the games day by day. Not only you can get ROMs in this site but also a variety of emulators. By using the manager based and direct download they ensure safety while downloading ROMs in their site.

The construction of the website is too attractive and good that you can browse ROM’s by using both category and tag. Gamulator is one of the safest means of downloading your required ROMs.So you can easily get ROMs for your  PC and smartphones.



Romulation is one of the best online platforms for downloading ROMs. Initially, you have to sign up to gets access for the site. The site prevents any kind of malware abuse. It is one of the biggest sites which hosts more than 25000 ROM files. One surprising factor is that, though it has more files it is well organized and easy to find. The site claims that they have tested the genuineness of each ROM for safety and security.


They offer ROMs from various Playstation, Nintendo and consoles like PS2, PS3, Gamecube and many more. The site is user-friendly and easy to browse. Finding ROMs that you are looking for is such an easy job. The homepage having pictures next to the console so the console can be easily identified.


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4.Vimm’s Lair

Vimm’s Lair is that one ROM site that will definitely amaze you. This site will never let you down. Actually, Vimm’s Lair site has to be top in our list. The site never fails us to provide classic ROMs and Emulators. Vimm’s Lair is one of the oldest sites among the list but it is still active and growing strong.


One of the best thing about this site is, it is completely advertisement free. One must also no need to worry about the virus as the security features in this site is remarkable. The site contains thousands of games and directories which help you find your need quick and easily. The growth of the Vimm’s lair is mainly after the fall of the Emuparadise. After that, the site has dramatical growth and becomes one of the best sites to host a variety of ROMs.

Vimm’s Lair is very user-friendly and the browser design helps you find anything you need very easily. The search and sorting option available on this site saves your time.

   Vimm’s Lair   


The Eye is another one advertisement free ROM site. It is completely free and user-friendly. The Eyes is basically an archival site and the site hosts ROMs for more than 50 consoles which have huge storage. For both Windows and Linux downloading in bulk is possible. You can download a variety of game with this website and the downloading speed is remarkably faster.

You can directly download the ROMs files without any advertisement. One would surprise that finding ROM files for almost every console is way easier than you think. The site is very easy to use and the content you are searching can be found easily. The find and replace function in the browser helps you to find specific games with ease.

   the eye   

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Nicoblog is another one of the best ROM hosting sites but unlike other ROM sites, Nicoblog is a blog type site. It provides ROMs for various popular consoles. You can download ISO games, ROMs and various type of Emulators through this site easily. Basically, Nicoblog doesn’t host any content but it provides download links from reputed sites.

best rom sites
best rom sites

Nicoblog is different from other ROM hosting site because they have ROM for PS3and PS Vita which is rare to find. By using this site one can download the entire folder of a game in a single compressed file. For consoles like Sega, Atari, GBA, and N64 they provide full ROM sets. And it also provides for many other consoles.

The site has many user reviews and the site also posts related to user issues. The post will help you fix your problem related to ROMs and emulators. They also provide you with a number of tutorials which helps you finish your favourites games.


So these are the best 6 safe and secured ROM sites. Try it to find it and download the best ROM suitable for you. We will constantly update further more information about ROM sites. Thanks for visiting our page.

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