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Torrdroid  for  PC Download 2019

                      Torrdroid  for  PC

Torrdroid for PC

Wherever we think about downloading movies and TV series we think about Torrent software. Unfortunately most of the Torrent sites we blocked. Since they allow to download unlicensed data like movies and TV shows. The major sites like Kickass and pyrite bay were blocked it is difficult to find the best torrent sites. TorrDroid of PC is one of the best software to download torrent file

This article gives you a brief explanation about Torrdroid application and how to download the file in your personal computer

1- What is Torrdroid?

TorrDroid is a torrent client search engine that helps you to search and download torrents. This torrent app provides download torrents without browsing for them manually.

we need to search the keyword or file type to initiate a torrent search with the inbuilt search engine. The file will appear click-to-download.  Additionally, it has the feature to automatically download the most accurate and reliable torrent as per your search preferences so that you can sit back and relax while your download starts automatically by the application after you initiate a search. This app also prevents common viruses and fake torrents from being accidentally downloaded, thus provides a secure and rich experience.

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2 –Features of Torrdroid?


There were a lot of Torrdroid features here we can find a few things

We can download torrents without browsing in separate browser with the inbuilt search engine or search manually from the app.

  •   Download files will start by a single click .torrent files from Android file system which redirect to application.
  •  We can start download files by a single click magnet links and .torrent file links which redirect to application.
  •  Download torrents at high speeds based on peers and seeds (No restriction)
  • It also supports sequential download that can be used to play video files before their download is complete.
  •  We can also change upload and download limits which increases the speed.
  •  We also share the of magnet links in social media.
  •  It also allows downloading multiple simultaneous downloads.
  • We can change the setting to automatic download when we connect to wifi.
  • Download to internal or external memory as convenient.
  • It is not required to monitor continuously once the search for the torrent is initiated.
  • It has the capability to automatic queuing the downloads in case of low space in the device.
  •  There is also notification pop up once the file downloaded.
  •  We can also open or delete downloaded files from the app directly.
  •  We do have an inbuilt file manager for moving, copying, deleting and sharing files.

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3-Steps to download in mobile?

Necessary things

1  Mobile phone (android phone much preferred)

2   Data connection

Step 3.1– Open play store

Step 3.2– Search Torrdroid application and click install or click Here

4 Steps to download in PC or laptop

  Necessary things

                            Pc or laptop( windows 7 or windows 8 /windows 10)

                             LAN connection or any mode to data

 There is no Torrdroid software for PC, we need emulator which acts as a bridge between mobile and computer. There are  so many emulators but we suggest you  the Bluestacks emulator or click here to download Bluestacks emulator

Step 4.1After downloading  Bluestacks complete the installation process, launch Bluestacks emulator from your Desktop and go to play store in there.

Step 4.2  Then You need to login to Google Play Store with your Gmail account details. Use your existing Google account or create a new account if you don’t have one.

Step 4.3 Now, go to the search bar and enter TorrDroid in play store. There will be some recommended results will be shown below the screen.

Step 4.4 Then select the application and click the install button add wait for


.Step 4.5 Download takes some time to be patient don’t close it.

Step 4.6 Once the application is installed successfully you can the see it in Bluestacks homepage

Finale summary

It is one of the best torrent clients for easy to use, simple and functional search capabilities. If you were not in united states and wish to watch TV series like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad at free of cost it. This application will help you a lot

Hope you this summary gives you step by step installation process of Torrdorit application in pc or laptop. If you feel this is more helpful just share to your friends

Through social media. Comment if you feel any difficulties Also, comment on the name of the application which you need to review. so we will make a note and we will provide a piece of detailed information about the application.if you are the movie fanatic and looking for solarmovie alternative just click here to read an article hope it helps and thanks of reading it.



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