Install TrollDrop Fix Not Working

TrollDrop Latest: Install | Fix Not Working | 2019

Transfer of files from one device to another device has become a mandatory thing in the development of technology. Transfer of files like pictures, audio, the video has increased as there is growth in a number of devices and networking technology. There are so many transferring apps and devices. The development started from Infrared, Bluetooth and through to the common network. There is one such app for transferring file known Trolldrop.

Install TrollDrop Fix Not Working

What is Trolldrop?

Airdrop is one of the inbuilt iOS app used for transferring the files from one iOS device to another iOS device through the common network. But the biggest disadvantage of this app is that it can be connected through only two devices at the same time. The multi-user connect through the app is not possible with Airdrop.

To resolve this issue there is a tweak called Trolldrop exclusively to connect the multi-users who were using the same network. The Trolldrop network supports the sharing of pictures, videos, audios and fun sharing of troll faces. It is an easy way of sharing the files to multi-users through the same network connection. The transfer is possible with the connection through the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection of devices.

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How to install Trolldrop?

For the advantage of sharing the files like audio, video, pictures, links with specified time gap Trolldrop has become the most useful tweak in iOS devices. The Trolldrop tweak is compatible with the devices which use the version of iOS10 to iOS11.3.1. This tweak is compatible only with 64-bit devices whereas the devices with 32 bit and iOS versions lower than iOS10 can’t access this tweak. The following are the steps to install the Trolldrop tweak in the iOS device.

  • Open Cydia on your iOS device.
  • Select Sources. Search for Trolldrop in the search bar.
  • Select the package and click on install.
  • Once the installation is done a restart and checks for the proper function.


Advantages of Trolldrop:

This tweak provides the advantage of sharing the files from one iOS device to multiple iOS devices. It allows the user to connect with any people who are using the Trolldrop tweak by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The sharing can be done with any people. Sometimes this leads to Cyber flashing.

Cyber flashing is a networking crime in which sending pornographic or nasty images to strangers through Airdrop. This can be restricted by making sure with private settings in which it can be shared only with the saved contacts. Thus provides better safety in terms of the privacy of the user.

How to stop working Trolldrop?

To stop the Trolldrop tweak from working once after the use is to try switching off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Some people try restarting or respringing the iOS device. By control c it is possible to stop the Trolldrop tweak.


The transfer of audio, video, picture files and the links are possible with the Trolldrop tweak on iOS device. It provides more fun in sharing the troll faces, images among the group of people. The users of Trolldrop has tweeted their personal experience in sharing the troll faces among the group friends. So this tweak Trolldrop has been an important one to be used in all the iOS devices.

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