Watch Series Online Free

30+ Sites to Watch Series Online Free

30 Best Sites to Watch Series Online Free

Are you searching for working sites to watch series online free? are you tired of searching? government has blocked most of the sites, the remaining sites left only as clickbait sites. These sites contain only full of ADS and dangerous Malware.

In this modern age, we are engrossed with our smartphone most of the time.

Nevertheless, Humans inclination is more into watching their favorite tv series and show on their mobile device during their free time. Who has the patience to sit and relax in front of the TV, when you can lie down on your bed, watch series online for free?

In contrast, there are many sites that provide free access to unlimited content to watch TV series online with FUll episodes in 2019, finding the right list of sites will help you a lot.

However, you must be looking for watching English tv series online for free or download Indian TV shows online, this list of sites is handy for you. This article mainly focuses on sites that let you watch TV series online without giving a Credit card number. All of the sites given in the list have a massive collection of tv series of Genres such as ROmance, Comedy, Action, Drama and much more.

If you think it is difficult to watch your favorite series online free, feel free to use these sites to enjoy free TV shows online and to watch TV series online for free. The main reason why we took this hard topic is that it could be difficult for you to Google for best free TV streaming sites and get the right one.

If you want to grab high-quality sites to watch series online free, your in the right place. photo of the sides we have divine you can pick any one of your choices and watch series for free online. if it doesn’t work out for you can go ahead and pick the next site. here we introduce you a list of 30 websites to watch series online for free.

Watch Series Online Free
Watch Series Online Free

1). TubiTV

Tube TV is a legal site that has lots of TV series. it is one of the best websites to watch TV series online for free. if you want to reap full benefits of it, you can create an account on the website so that you can get all the features.

The site contains endless hours of all kinds of TV series. As I already told the site is legal and free to use.

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2). Putlocker

Al the articles that concentrate on websites that provide free TV series will have putlockers website in it. Putlocker second best website to watch online TV series for free. As putlockers is in the game for a long time and obviously it has tons of followers.

High-quality content that is provided by putlockers ensures that millions of regular users are visiting every day. As putlockers have a variety of collections, it captures lots of attraction. along with you should TV series you can watch those Netflix documentaries as well. this site offers various original series from streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

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3). TheWatchSeriesTV

If you like detailed catalogs and multiple genres of TV series, you should try out TheWatchSeriesTV website. It’s simple design and minimal ads make it a powerful site to watch series online for free. The good news for you is that you won’t find any dead links inside this app while watching series online.

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For every file you find in TheWatchSeriesTV, you might find around 30 hosting services. If you find any hosting site comfortable, you can choose the same host every time to watch all your favorite series.

Along with link hosting, the site provides schedules as well for you. You can get updates about recent episodes. Though the site ads are minimal, you might encounter adverts from file hosting sites. I hope you can manage this as you are watching series online absolutely for free.

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4). Crackle

If you are looking for a free to use and legal streaming service, Crackle is the best choice to watch series online for free. Loads of entertainment are ready for viewers to watch.

Even if the contents are not too vast, one can find almost most of the popular and great series to watch for free. Quality gives Crackle an edge compared to other streaming services that provide free series online for free.

You can stream your favorite tv series in 1080p Full HD and enable subtitles as well.

The only catch about crackle is its geographical constraint. As of now, Crackle works only in US and Canada. With a good VPN service, you should be able to access Crackle to watch series online for free, no matter which country you are from.

5). Yahoo!View

Yahoo View in turns uses Hulu streaming services to telecast latest TV series and tv shows to watch for free. Similar to Crackle, Yahoo View has airing rights only in the US. As we said earlier, VPN should let anyone access free series online for free of cost.

Yahoo view lets you watch popular live shows, TV series and Movies. One more problem while watching free series online with Yahoo view is that it doesn’t let you watch full episodes with your mobile. You will have to switch to your desktop for a better experience.


If you are looking for a quality streaming service to watch series free online, you should give a try to DWatchseries. The minimum quality they upload on their website is 720p. It should suffice for you to have a better viewing experience.

The good point about DWatchseries is, within 20 mins of live airing, all the episodes will be made available in their site. As an added advantage lies its support on mobile devices. It works very well on all mobile phones so as to watch series online for free.

7). Solarmoviez

Solarmoviez lets you watch TV shows and TV series for free at zero cost. Whatever popular you are looking to watch are available on Solarmovies website. The UI has many good features such as information about the Tv series or shows before you start to watch that particular series for free.

You will find a drop down on the bottom of the website where you can choose the server. The UI options make it easy to navigate through the various episodes of all famous TV series. The number of ads that intrudes while you watch series online for free is very less compared to other sites.

You might face disturbing ads with few hosting servers. As the content quality is good and catalog is vast, one can put up with this annoyance.

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8). 1movies

If your question is “Where to watch full episodes of TV series online for free?”, I would say the answer is Onemovie. The pros of the site are quality and timely uploads. Similar to other streaming services we discussed before, you would want to use a VPN to watch series online for free in 1movie website.

Most of the videos uploaded in this site are of 720p quality.

The UI lets you search for your favorite tv series or you can even browse for famous IMDB series here. Along with this, you can also find the schedules of new episodes.

Similar to youtube ads, this site contains few non-intrusive ads in it. Apart from these ads, 1movie is the best site to watch series for free.

9). Swatchseries

If you are looking for the current URL for Watch-series site, here it is. You must be already aware that watch-series is popular for watching the series online for free. You can almost watch all of the recent tv series and tv shows here. It also includes recently aired tv series.

Pop-up ads and clickbait links are the only problems with this site. You might see many watch now button which will redirect you to the advertisers’ page. Apart from this problem, watchseries is a decent site to watch free online series.


Alluc, one of the powerful search engines that let you watch your favorite series and shows. Alluc returns all the available hosting links to your favorite online series for free.

To explain, the site seems to have a lot of static ads in it. Along with this, there are few pop-up ads as well. Even with all these ads, the site is quite useful because of the quality of videos. Also, it gives you many hosting site links to make sure that all series are available for free to watch.

11). Housemovie

If you want to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest and popular tv shows, Housemovie is the one-stop for all. Though the site is new in the game, the site manages to provide content of all genres.

Henceforth, unlike other websites, the number of intrusive ads is a little less. In spite of this, be sure not to dwell with unnecessary sign-up pages due to pop-up ads.

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12). YesMovies

Looking for a massive collection of tv series that belongs to various genres. Try Yesmovies once and you will find all TV series and exclusive TV shows from famous streaming services such as Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu, etc.

Consequently, the only problem with this site could be its quality. Most of the shows and series are not available in Full HD quality.  Similar to other websites, the video hosting services will land you up in advertisers page using pop-up ads.

13). IceFilms

There are few underrated websites that enable us to watch series online free. Icefilms is one of such websites. I recently landed up in this site while doing a random search and astonished at its diversity of content. I hope it entices you too.

As I said, Icefilms contains a great collection including movies, TV series and TV shows. Along with these, it has anime, cartoons as well. The good thing about Icefilms is that you can either watch series online or download tv series so that you can watch them later without an internet connection.

Thereupon, The added advantage of this website is their forum. It’s active and full of like-minded people.

14). NewEpisodes

Who wants to watch TV series in a cluttered UI? No one, right? Newepisodes provides a nice UI that’s easy to use. Also, it is free of intrusive advertisements. You will find most of the latest series here with the good video quality.

While for every video, there are around 10 hosting links. You can choose anyone based on availability.

As a result, this site is notorious in airing copyrighted content for free, most of the ISP’s have blocked the access. With the help of a VPN, you can watch series online for free in NewEpisodes site.

15). Telepisodes

Like the previous sites we discussed, Telepisodes consists of a clutter-free and user-friendly UI. You can easily navigate through various tv series online without much hassle.

Though much information about individual episodes, the site provides a rich sets of links you can use to watch various of your favorite series. You can either watch series online free or download them on your drive for later purpose.

Homepage provides a list of episodes that are already aired in Telepisodes.


If you want to experience your favorite tv series online for free with HD quality, fmovies is a great choice. Also, it keeps the advertisements less annoying when compared to most of the other sites.

Besides, all movies and series are available with subtitles. If you are an ardent fan of online tv series and tv shows, fmovies is the best site for you.

17). Hotstar TV Series

Thousands of new users find Hotstar TV Series as the best place to watch tv shows, movies, and tv series. Along with these contents, it hosts songs and even videos as well.

At the same time, Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through the list of tv series. People find it very simple to watch their favorite tv series online for free with the help of Hotstar TV Series.

18). TUBITV Series

If you want to watch series online for free without downloading, TubiTV Series comes very handily. With its numerous features comes various tv series of all genres.

On the other hand, it is very easy to find out what’s trending with the help of UI features of TubiTV Series.

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19). YesMovies.TO provides an option to watch all trending tv series such as Breaking Bad and Game Of Thrones online for free. The good thing about Yesmovies is it features full length of episodes of all TV series with great video quality. With the description and thumbnail, it is handy to choose what you are searching for.

20). SnagFilms

If you want to watch your favorite series online for free, snagflims is specially designed to serve this purpose. It broadcasts many series of various genres. Its user-friendly design makes sure that you get what you search for.

With this in mind, you can use Snagfilms any time you want, with your mobile device, to watch online series at completely free of cost.

21). OvGuide is pretty new in the market and it lets you browse through trending TV series. It lets you watch your favorite tv series. Also, it ensures that all the episodes are updated timely. More than 800 tv series are available with Ovguide at present.

22). CartoonHD.CC

If you were searching for your favorite series online with a streaming service without paying money, you can give a try to CartoonHD.CC.

In addition, Along with enabling you to watch series online, it includes movies as well. By all means, If you are an android or IOS user and want to enjoy your favorite tv series on your mobile device, CartoonHD is the only answer.


Watch-Series.TO especially provides unlimited content to binge-watching lovers. You can binge-watch your favorite tv shows and online series for free of cost.
The great thing about watch-series is quality. Most of the videos are of 720p quality and Full HD quality. In this way, watch-series please its users.


Do you want to download tv series online to enjoy your favorite series? Use website to enjoy the free service. In particular , once you enter your details and sign in to the website, you will be able to access and watch all tv series online without any interruptions.


To watch all the trending series online for free, Moviewatcher website provides a user-friendly UI. You can have access to all tv series of various genres. New updates of this site make it easy to navigate through the pile of contents easily.


If you are in a pursuit to hunt top-ranked tv shows and to watch series online at free of cost, go with website. Indeed, as the site is new, it’s growing day by day. Also, new users are signing up every day on this website because of its quality.


Though copy-righted content broadcast is banned by most of the ISPs, projectfreetv has made it possible to watch series online with its intuitive design. To put it another way, If you are a registered user, you will even get notifications when the contents are updated into their database.

28). TVF Play

Even though there are many websites hosting tv series online for free, most of them not exclusive to the Indian audiences.

As a result of this phenomena, the audiences are quite disappointed. To solve this problem, TVF play came into the picture. The site hosts many of the best online Indian series.

29). Terrarium TV

If you are an android user and looking forward to watching series online free, you should be happy to know about this android app. For this reason, using Terrarium app, you can watch your favorite tv series and movies online for free at any time.

In other words, if Terrarium app is not working for you, you can download Showbox APK as an alternative to Terrarium.

30). Showbox

Showbox is one more app exactly similar to the Terrarium. As many of you know, Terrarium stopped its service recently due to some issues. Since then, Showbox APK serves as the best alternative to Terrarium app to watch series online for free.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sites To Watch Series Online Free

What Channels can you stream for Free?

Answer: With the help of above 30 Sites To Watch Series Online Free, you can stream channels like ABC, National Geographic, Discovery, History TV and much more.

What are the best Free TV Apps?

Answer: Out of our list of websites to stream tv series online for free, you can say that Terrarium TV and Showbox would be a great option if you are looking for best free TV apps.

What is the best free TV Streaming Service?

Answer: When it comes to using multiple devices to stream tv series seamlessly, Fmovies is the best free TV Streaming service.

Can I Watch TV Online For Free?

Answer: Yes, absolutely you can watch TV online for free. You can pick any one of the 30 sites to watch your favorite TV shows and series online for free.


All things considered, did you like this list of 30 Sites to watch series online free with full episodes? You can use any one of these sites to watch free tv series and tv shows online and for free streaming full episodes.

In essence, We tried out best in hunting best sites to watch series online free and provide you this list. Some of these sites are legal where others are not. Given these points, we suggest you to use a good VPN service to hide your identity before using these best sites to watch tv series online.

In summary, Most of the sites consist of less intrusive advertisements. After all, be sure not to land up in click-bait sites.

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