Yahoo Mail Proxy Sites Of 2019

Best Yahoo Mail Proxy Sites And Alternatives Of 2019

Yahoo Mail Proxy Sites Of 2019
Yahoo Mail Proxy Sites

Yahoo mail service is apparently the most sought after service after mailing service after Gmail and Yahoo Mail Proxy is a most sought search term in recent times. As an impact of security implementation roll outs from Yahoo, lots of users experiencing problems in terms of usability.

It is no wonder why people search for the best Yahoo Mail Proxy sites list, to overcome the hurdles. Users trying to log in from unregistered devices go through a series of captcha verifications and still can’t afford a seamless usage of Yahoo mail.

The case where people use dynamic address is even worse as log out happens every now and then. If you are facing such issues and looking for the best Yahoo Mail Proxy list, this article will of greater help to you.

Try each Yahoo mail proxy site, until you find the one that fits your expectations. Don’t forget to let us know which one do you find is the perfect Yahoo mail proxy.

Best Yahoo Mail Proxy Sites and Yahoo Mail Proxy Alternatives

Depending upon your connection and various factors only the Yahoo mail proxy sites list will not be enough. We are not going to let you down by just giving some random yahoo mail proxy sites and leave on your own.

It would be great for you to know that there are some other methods too, available to solve Yahoo mail issues. Let’s discuss each method and also along with that we will see the best proxy to access Yahoo mail.

Three Ways To Experience Seamless Access To Use Yahoo Mail Service

  1. Using Virtual Private Network (VPN) as Yahoo Mail Proxy Alternative
  2. Using Yahoo Mail Proxies from various free proxy server directories
  3. Changing Proxy Settings Manually
  4. Using Email Messaging Clients
  5. Using Web Proxies To Access Yahoo Mail

Let’s get started with the first solution to solve the yahoo mail login problem. Virtual Private Network(VPN) as Yahoo Mail Proxy Alternative

Virtual Private Network (VPN) as Yahoo Mail Proxy Alternative
Virtual Private Network (VPN) as Yahoo Mail Proxy Alternative

1. Virtual Private Network(VPN) as Yahoo Mail Proxy Alternative

The first solution is familiar and a sound solution to all Yahoo Mail related problems. With the help of a VPN service, you can hide your IP address which in turn hides all the information about you. In this way, you can get rid of location-specific restrictions by using proper proxy settings for yahoo mail.

Hence, when you access the Yahoo Mail Service through a VPN, your location and related details will be masked and shown as if you are accessing it from some other country.

Here are some of the best VPN services of 2019

  • ExpressVPN
  • IPVanish
  • Hotspot Shield
  • TunnelBear
  • Private Internet Access
  • Keep Solid VPN Unlimited
  • Windscribe
  • CyberGhost
  • Nord VPN

Use any one of the above best free VPN services as the proxy to access yahoo mail if you are accessing from the desktop. There are some android apps available for using VPN if you are trying to access Yahoo from your mobile phone. Let’s know which VPN services worked best for you.

Yahoo Proxy Directories
Yahoo Proxy Directories

2. Free Directories List As A Source To Yahoo Mail Proxies

Instead of giving a stale list of Yahoo Mail proxy lists that could get blocked in any given point of time, it’s better that we provide with you the proxy directories which updates Yahoo Mail Proxy sites list, time to time.

  • Proxy Docker Directory – Link (

The Yahoo mail proxy sites present in this directory lets you mask your address with some address from countries like US, UK, and Brazil, etc

  • US Proxy Organization Site – Link (

This is a wonderful directory with masked locations from US country alone. Again, this directory is stable and promptly updated with Yahoo mail proxies.

Yahoo Proxy Directories
Yahoo Proxy Directories

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3. Changing Proxy Settings For Gaining Yahoo Mail Access

Changing the setting of your computer, i.e changing the proxy manually, you could get unlimited access to Yahoo Mailing Services. For this, you do not need any Yahoo Proxy Site. Instead, you will modify the proxy by yourselves.

This is a little challenging and tiresome because you should get correct details of manual configuration. Hence, this method is less preferred to solve Yahoo issues. Few sites provide this manual setting values. After fetching them follow the below steps.

  • Launch The Browser
  • Go to Proxy Settings
  • Modify the proxy values such as HTTP Proxy, SSL Proxy, FTP Proxy, and SSL host and save the settings
  • Try accessing the Yahoo Mail Service
  • Email Messaging Client
    Email Messaging Client

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4. Email Messaging Client as The Best Free Proxy Alternative

In recent times, it has become apparent that mobile users face a lot of issues when it comes to accessing Yahoo Mail Service. You could be using either an android mobile or IOS. It always comes with a built-in Messaging Client. You can get the most out of this.

You can go to this client application (mostly named after “Email”) and add Yahoo account over there with generic settings.

Web Proxies To Access Yahoo Mail
Web Proxies To Access Yahoo Mail

5. Best Free Web Proxies To Access Yahoo Mail

Some web proxies come handy when none of the other methods works for you. These web proxies do the same thing hiding your IP and other details to bypass the restrictions.

In this way, you don’t have to encounter the situation where you are required to enter multiple Captchas and to log in multiple times.

Here are some free web proxies you can use them as Yahoo Mail Proxies.

  • My Proxy

A lot of people are always chasing the search term ‘my-proxy server free’ and land on this website. This provides the best IP hiding service. Access My-Proxy server through this link (

  • K Proxy

This is one more best free proxy to Yahoo Mail and quite similar to earlier free proxy server. It comes as a great option for users accessing Yahoo mail from various networks and locations. Use this link to access the K Proxy (

  • Zalmos

Zalmos is a fast, safe and convenient proxy site to access Yahoo Mail Service. It serves as a best free web proxy for Yahoo Mail. Use this link to access Zalmos (


Hope this complete guide to accessing Yahoo Mail Proxy gave you what you were looking for. Feel free to try any of the above methods whenever you are facing any problem accessing Yahoo Mail Services.

To quickly wrap this Yahoo Mail Solution article up, this article helped you in trying different methods to access Yahoo Mail such as List Of Free Directories that has Yahoo Mail Proxies, Changing the Proxy Settings Manually in Browser, Using a email client bypass restrictions, using web proxy as a handy way and using VPN service to gain access over Yahoo Mail Service for free.

We would be glad to hear your views on this article. Use the below comments section to pour your thoughts. If you think, any other solution is missed and you are aware of it, you are most welcome to share it with us. Thanks for coming this far, reading this article. We wish to meet you again with another useful article.

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